Instantly create a beautiful display in your home - modern, unique, and centered on Christ and His message.


1 high quality Instant downloadable JPEG digital file/s, ready for printing.
Resolution: 300 dpi for quality printing.


You can immediately download this/these image/sand print right from your own home. 
OR, you can take/email this/these file/s to any photo lab (your print will be on photo paper, so it will have a slight sheen).
OR, you can take/email this/these file/s to any copy shop (every copy shop will be different.  They'll have different size printers and papers
ask your local printer how big they can print, and what papers they have in the size you want).
OR, you can email this/these file/s to any online printer.

Personally, I love using copy shops and printing on card stock and canvas - this can be done fairly cheaply. 
A good average price for a copy shop to print a 16x20 on canvas (no mounting) is about $20.
I also like to get my prints dry mounted on foam core.  I like to do this because: 
they keep their shape, they can be leaned on a shelf for display, and can even be put on your wall with straight pins 
(no big holes in your wall, and a very clean modern look)
Any frame shop (Hobby Lobby has GREAT prices) can do this.

This/these files can be printed in an 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20.  If you want them/it bigger, or feel you need
a higher resolution file - please email me and I can send you what you need:)

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