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Hi there!

I'm Haley Miller

I love creating. 

I am a photographer.

I love treasure hunting in thrift stores.

I play around in Photoshop just for fun.

I have 5 kids.

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-Day Saints.

Adventures make my heart happy.

I wish chocolate was sugar free.

I love my mini van.

And I am passionate

about Jesus Christ. 

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I have always wanted to create art of Jesus Christ....but just didn't have the ability to capture the form and light the way I could see it inside.  I've been a family photographer for 15 years, taking thousands of photos - truly loving it.  My daughter was turning 8, and as we were talking she expressed how she wished she could have her photo taken with Christ.  I had just months before learned about composite/fine art photography and had been creating day dream photos for fun.  We decided to find a model and try it - it was a sweet experience. This piece was beautiful and symbolized to my daughter, her choice to walk with Christ.  I thought that other clients would want similar photos of their children with Christ, and many have - and I didn't think further.  Until I decided to get a few more images of Christ I could place children into....and, at that shoot, I saw a bit further...I felt I could start to create those images I had always wanted to make.  They started spilling out of me - sometimes a couple a day - it was amazing! 

I staged a shoot with specific poses and ideas for pieces I wanted to create -

pieces that represented what His names meant to me. 

It became a visual way to bear my testimony of Christ.


The first specific piece I wanted to create was "Rescuer".

A few years before I had come out of a very dark place.  A cage of sorts.  I had been deeply betrayed, and had built a thick wall around myself.  I thought I was safe there...where no one could hurt me again....but...I began to disappear.  I withdrew from people...from love....from God.  Outward I went through the motions, but inward...I was fading.  It was only through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint's 12 step program, that I finally learned how powerless I was.

There was such hope and peace in that knowledge. 

I determined to find healing for my spirit and to have joy again. 

After months of meetings and working, I was beginning to see light again, and feel hope in the promises of God.  One day as I was exercising,

 I was pondering on the efforts of the Savior on my behalf. 

I was granted a vision of sorts...

in this vision I was sitting on the ground, my back against the wall of a cage,

it was dark - and I felt terrible. Dark, angry, so hurt.

I looked up and through a door in the cage was a hand reaching towards me.

It was Jesus Christ.

I knew as I looked at Him that He had come all the way down the twisted path I had taken,and had found me to bring me out. I took His hand.

He walked back the same twisted path with me...until we came back to light. 

To hope.  To life.  

....I cried as I exercised....I knew this had really happened. 

That He had really come...for me...and that He had been with me all along.

I love Him for this.


I encourage you to take a minute and reflect on Jesus Christ...on what he has done for you and what you might do to always remember Him.